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Why Choose Us?

our virtual assistants Are local.

Is your Virtual Assistance service provider across the county line or across the globe? Partnering with a local virtual assistant has its advantages.

Stability – Lisa Oliver has been in Southern Maryland for nearly three decades and appreciates its rich culture and diversity. She understands your business needs and wants to help you grow your business.

Trustworthiness – Lisa Oliver is a small business owner like you.  Acting with anything less than trustworthiness and her good name is at risk. Her reputation is very important to her and she will always be deserving of your business. 

Loyalty – Here to Help Virtual Assistance wants to build business relationships that will last. A sound partnership takes time and dedication and Here to Help Virtual Assistance wants to not only earn your business but keep it. 


Security – With Here to Help Virtual Assistance, document transfer is done in a secure environment. When you use your unique log in at, you can rest assured knowing that your documents are protected. Do the overseas service providers offer this kind of peace of mind?

Responsiveness – Contacts can be made quickly. If you have a question, need to expedite a task, or need a face to face meeting, just call.  Can you get that kind of responsiveness from an overseas provider?

You have a choice to select a service provider that is a ‘world away’ or one that is just down the road. When you compare Here to Help Virtual Assistance with an overseas competitor, take into consideration the real cost. Others may charge less, but when you select a business to take care of your administrative needs, you are investing more than dollars. You are entrusting them with your business. Here to Help Virtual Assistance won’t let you down.